Some web sites we've found helpful

We hope you'll be able to come visit of the the local assemblies and see how they worship and remember the Lord Jesus.  If you can't make it, tune in the Anchorpoint Radio  at 11:00am Sundays on 550 AM or anytime online.

Can you say that you'll be in Heaven, for sure?  Evangelist Peter Ramsey presents weekly articles of interest to the ardent Christian or the merely curious.

In the Bible we read of people who were "saved".  Shawn St. Clair shows that salvation is what we need today.  Includes testimonies of everyday people God has saved.

If your family isn't able to attend one of the Sunday Schools listed on this site, we recommended you all sign up for Postal Bible Studies.  This free program provides Bible lessons by mail. for children and adults.

Hear an uplifting message every day by subscribing to the free Compass Point podcast.  You'll be encouraged by this one-minute-a-day program.