vancouver gospel tent

Sharing God's Love for 50 years

The Vancouver Gospel Tent at the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) is a non-denominational outreach, focused on sharing the message of the Bible and the love, mercy, and forgiveness found through faith in Jesus Christ, His Son. It all began in 1972 when a small group of Christians from Deep Cove on the North Shore first organized a Christian exhibit at the annual PNE Fair in Vancouver. The Christians also made available a wide assortment of Christian materials, such as posters, fridge magnets, bookmarks, booklets, magazines, coloring books, and more, all free of charge to any visitor.

Over the past 50 years, the Vancouver Gospel Tent has continuously presented exhibits centered around the Bible and Christian themes. These captivating exhibits would often draw in many visitors and provide ample opportunities to share the wonderful message of God’s salvation. Previous exhibits include a large model of the Ark, a 40-foot long Bible timeline, a working model of Gutenberg's Printing Press, an Orrery (model of the Solar System), a tabletop wave pool with models of Noah's Ark and other ships comparing their buoyancy, a 3D map of the Holy Land, an aquarium that parted like the Red Sea, and a collection of antique Bibles.

Thus, the Vancouver Gospel Tent has become a familiar sight at the PNE, known for its elaborate Christian exhibits, beautiful landscaping, and a wonderful place for conversations about important spiritual matters in life. There are born-again believers today whose first contact with the gospel was at this very tent. The outreach has also grown, and now it includes volunteers from up to a dozen congregations around the Lower Mainland.

Today, we continue the legacy of the Vancouver Gospel Tent to impact lives and spread the message of hope and salvation through Christ. This year's exhibit features a large walk-in model of the Jonah and the whale story. The model showcases the captivating biblical narrative of Jonah being swallowed by a massive whale and later being saved after he repents and turns to God. We hope this immersive exhibit will draw visitors and provide numerous opportunities to share the message of God's mercy, grace, and the importance of repentance and salvation.

The Vancouver Gospel Tent is now staffed by a diverse group of volunteers, ranging from students to retirees, who share a common interest in spreading God's love in this unique way. The tent welcomes all visitors, inviting them to engage in conversations, take pictures, and leave with a part of the Word of God to read or display in their homes or schools.

Please visit us. We are located between "Jimmy's Lunch" and the Agrodome at the PNE Fair. The tent is open daily from 11 am to 11 pm until Labor Day.